Thursday, 20 December 2012

Gold Sponsor Update

We are pleased to announce two new Gold sponsors for the team... Futura Group and Escoffier! 

Futura Group specialise in developing high quality resources and products to facilitate and enhance the learning process. Innovative multimedia integration throughout their learning resources coupled with strong backgrounds in hospitality, education and vocational training, allow Futura to captivate and motivate learners, support teachers and training supervisors both inside and outside of the classroom.

Escoffier “Escoffier” is a name known the world over as The Master (Le Maitre) and is the source for many of the cooking methods and the brigade system used in professional kitchens today. For expert chefs everywhere, the name Auguste Escoffier is synonymous with excellence, quality, commitment, and skill in the culinary profession. The Escoffier Online International Culinary Academy makes it possible to turn your passion for cooking into a career you'll love, with their online program offering a self-paced curriculum that is focused on professional culinary training.

Thank you to Futura Group and Escoffier - we look forward to having you on board for Lyon!

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