Team Calendar


30 June
Preparations for HVG (see Schedule)
Prepare sugar components and chocolate component for demonstration.
Pack all equipment, ingredients for demonstrations
Macarons and chocolates
1 July
Team photos, short video for blog
Team meeting for training

6-8 July
Dean & Justin judge show piece
Dean & Justin chocolate flower demo
Sun Jian judge cake
Sun Team demonstration comp pieces

11 July

Ice cream machine installation
12 July

Dessert, cake set up for 7 day training
13 Jul
Prepare cakes for tasting
Team meeting with interpreters
Set up kitchen for all training
14 - 15 July
Sugar training 
Dessert and Cake tasting
Work on chocolate piece for full set up
Sunday full Clean down sugar - reset for chocolate
16 - 17July
Chocolate Training

18 July
Cake, dessert
Julien - sugar and chocolate pieces
19 July
Cake, dessert and ice cream cake weigh ups for demonstration
Julien - sugar and chocolate pieces
20 July
Ice cream cake demonstration Julien - sugar garnish
Completed chocolate piece, dessert placement
Completed sugar piece, cake placement
Brief on PWC logistics

3 - 5 Aug
Team Training
Confirm All Tasting, Recipe for PWC
Start Recipe Book

31 Aug - 1 Sept Team Training with Jean Françoise 

7 - 9 Sept Team Training

1 - 7 Oct
Team Training
Move into new training site, start team time trials
Ice training on WPC piece

2 Nov - 4 Nov Team Training

26 Nov - 1 Dec
Team Training
Team Time Trials


27-28 January

Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie

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